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14 Year Old Lover

I don't really care what they say about my baby
it's not uncoll to act really crazy.
She knows how to love me,
She does a real good job.

She's my 14 year old lover,
better than any other,
she's my 14 year old lover
and she loves me.

It's not uncool to go with a young one,
try it one day you'll find that it's good fun.
She'll know how to love you,
she'll do a reall good job.

(Chorus x 2)

©1978 Henry Essence

henry essence in the hut

Bit of a contentious track this. Bearing in mind the age we were when it was written, it was just like going out with someone in the year below. My wife is seven years younger than me - that would have made the track title '8 Year Old Lover' if I'd written it!

Listen to 14 Year Old Lover by Henry Essence here