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Baktu (Start Again)

You never say that life is dragging you down,
Well how come that you're dying on the spot?
Smoking while you're drinking
while you're driving, while you're thinking.
You're time is gonna come ready or not.

A lifetime of worry is now eating you out,
Can't you find the time to start again?
A lifetime of worry is now giving you doubt,
Can't you find the time to start again?

You can smile while the sun is out and kissing your face,
yet your friends are throwing punches at your skull.
Aching while you're faking
that your heart is never breaking,
your idleness has made you become dull.


Devastating, masquerading,
better take in what the masters say.
Never walking, parrot-talking,
Ain't it time you learnt to pray?


Time will soon tell on you, you gotta slow down
and leave the hectic rat race of the earth.
Trying to stop crying
cause you know you're really dying.
Try a box of pills for all it's worth.


©1979 Henry Essence

henry essence lyrics to baktu

Baktu, originally called Start Again. It's not about anyone in particular, thankfully.

Listen to Baktu by Henry Essence here