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Some of us have been up to stuff in the intervening years since Henry Essence's hay day, so here are some links to not only music produced by various members, but other artistic endeavours...

Keef Chemistry soundtracks and music

keef chemistry soundtracks and music

Keith Reay has been continuously producing material, much of which can be found at the home of his alter-ego, Keef Chemistry. Featuring video soundtracks alongside more traditional song-based compositions, it's an archive of songs written over the last 30 years, but recorded relatively recently.

The Fly Street Artist

the fly street artist bristol

Keith also produces art in the form of interventions under the pseudonym of The Fly. Attacking urban apathy, he sprays stencils of flies over household items dumped in the street and pastes his fly posters around the Bristol area. This website features a gallery of interventions, biog, free downloads, games and even a shop.

Growler Music

the fly street artist bristol

Growler are a four-piece Rock covers band based in Oxfordshire featuring John Hedgecock on vocals. They play a varied selection of classic Rock and Punk songs drawn from the 1960s to the present, most they play as straight covers, others they give their own special twist to - both to make things more interesting for themselves, and also to keep their audiences on their toes.

Momentum Recording Studios

momentum recording studios devon

Run by Steve Manning's son, Josiah, Momentum Studios is fully equipped and ready to give you the best production for your music whether it be a pop song or a metal anthem! Set in beautiful country surroundings just outside of Plymouth in Devon, this is the perfect place to be inspired and comfortable while you record and have your music produced in front of you. Approved by Henry Essence.

Performing Right Society (PRS)

performing right society prs

The Performing Right Society is the United Kingdom association of composers, songwriters and music publishers.