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Love is the pain that pulls your heartstrings.
Now you've got it listen while your body sings.
Caring for everyone you meet on the street.
Life is now destiny achieved in the heat.

I have fallen victim to the curse.
Now I think I know it could be much worse.
Love has left me dry before, left me poor,
but not again cause I won't let it go no more.

Keep a grip on the one who you're in love with.
Never let her stray away too far.
Keep an eye on the girl who you're in love with.
Don't ever let her go.

I can forget all my past friendships gone,
giving me inspiration for a song.
Picking me up when I was sure I was dead,
driving the melodies the thoughts bring through my head.


I see her sitting by the counter.
Can't believe I've really found her.
Sitting pretty in the bar,
Margarita, you're a star!

Low on the Spanish coast I picture you
smiling the daring way you always do.
Feeling your body warm and close in the night.
Drink does nothing when compared to the sight of you.


©1979 Henry Essence

henry essence single front song lyrics for margarita

I met Margaret in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, and fell for her, in true holiday romance style. When she went back to Dublin I never saw her again, in true holiday romance style. Got quite a few songs out of the brief encounter, so not all was lost! It represented my most accomplished composition at the time, with lots of chords, but I always felt it was a bit wordy.

Listen to Margarita by Henry Essence here