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Well he's a mean one, never seen one
backstabbing like that.
Not a clean word, always absurd,
acting like a prat.

Showstealer, showstealer, showstealer, yeah!

Never ending, or condensending
to have a good day
unless he's hurting or alerting
to get out of his way.


He is hated, unrelated,
never got any friends.
He'll be sorry, melancholy,
until his life ends.


©1978 Henry Essence

henry essence single front song lyrics for showstealer

This track was originally called 'Shitkicker' and was always sung so live, but when it came to recording there was a vote to replace the words, which was a grave mistake I feel. It was always a fun song to sing as a schoolboy and I don't see anything wrong with the swearing, in fact, it makes more sense to me than some of the other words.

Listen to Showstealer by Henry Essence here