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We all contributed to tracks in our own way. Anderson and Manning were the driving force, working on lyrics and comments all the time, agonising over the content, looking for interesting bridges and arrangements. Reay was retiscent about showing his songs (and still is) but could add an unusual chord or two, which kept him in the band. Hedgecock, the drummer, took the brunt of the jokes but added a good dollop of background impetus to many of our oddities. Almost three singers, almost four really. In today's market Anderson's quirky voice has a market, but his lack of confidence at hitting the notes meant Manning and Reay got most of the limelight onstage. We were the new, contemporary Beatles! At least in our school!!

Song List

Didn't know we liked it (till we tried it)
Wet Scream
Showstealer (Shitkicker)
Agony Column
14 year old lover
Underage drinker
Preacher man
View of the sea
Aggravation (lyrics Guy Miller)
Cum ova to my place
Doug, Reay and me
Sleaze mansions
Comin in

Driving man
Pickled eggs
There is nothing I can do about it
You're so fine
Lazy sod

Ice and ash
Working man

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