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Looked at a man today - had success in his eyes,
but something's in his way.
His life was rich and prosperity rang,
but i could see he was gonna die.

Selling off silver to his friends, buying cheap melting talk
to give away his bargain,
lighting his cigar he paused without noticing.
I did and i know he's gonna die.

Steve, Steve, yeah!

His speech cool, calm kind, but unfeeling,
irrelevant to the roundabout point.
His words were spaced out, pauses not stutters,
showing he was gonna,
yes, they showed that he was gonna, gonna die.

Steve, Steve, yeah!

He was down to earth in a high way,
his eyes were deep, the exits of a tunnel,
but the opening of that tunnel is blacker than inside.
I wonder how he'll die?
Yes, I wonder how, how i'll die?

Steve, Steve, yeah!

©1978 Henry Essence

henry essence single front song lyrics for steve

Steve was a guy who sold silver jewellery round the Isle of Wight during the summer. Not sure why I thought he was gonna die. I hope he's okay. Anderson and I were holding down a summer job in a restaurant when he walked in and we played him his tune! Not sure how impressed he was - we were pretty drunk!

Listen to Steve by Henry Essence here